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coomera sesh 7/10 (round2)


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Thought I'd try again today down at Coomera for another jack, but unlucky today. The water was alot colder this morning than last week, so that probably turned them off :( . As I travelled across the river I spotted another fellow yaker, casting around the M1 pilons, couldn't see who it was as it was 4:45am. Got on the water at 5:15am. Very slow morning plenty of small bights and one big boof on the surface. I did how ever manage a first (thanks to Tomca for your tips) a very small bream on a small poltergist copperish colour and a 30cm flatty



Anyone looking for a cheap secondhand canoe, its a renovators delight :P and some christmas dinner>


might have a slight leek!

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id rather spend my morning on the water with a kayak than in the text books

its a lot easier to catch fish on sp's than on hb's. thats why i love using hb's - to me its the hardest way to catch fish which makes it so much more rewarding when you do.

ps: wat a cute little bream

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