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Aldi special buys


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I bought some during their last promo. I got the 30 pound braid to try and thought it was good for the price. I used it at Awoonga and got a cm Barra no worries. I also got the 20 pound from aldi to compare with some 20 pound i had bought from a tackle shop and did a rough test on both where I rubbed them on the corner of a metal work bench. The aldi one was heaps harder to fray and break. It is certainly not a conclusive test but for braid at that price, why not?

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i got some of that aldi braid last fishing sale .

its ok ,has caught fish .

been using aldi 17lb and 15 lb suffix .

only thing i noticed is when i had 3 rods out trawling ,and they all spun about and got tangled.

the aldi braid tangled worse then the suffix,so had ti cut it off .

where i could untangle the suffix.

the mono i got from aldi has a bad memory and is a bit of a pain but the longer i have had it on the rods and used it the better it gets .

i will get some more .cheap as chips ,and i need some lighter braid .:)

think i will get some braid ,tackle,some more lures and maybe one of there cheap over head rods .

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Feral wrote:

No, I bought some Anaconda braid, not aldi. Mind you the anaconda braid, not impressed, it is the only braid I have ever had wind knot issues with.

Does it break easily as well?

The reason I ask is there was apparantly "a bad batch" of the stuff. We have replaced a few spools of clearly under preforming braid over the last month or so.


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well i went to aldi oxly , Thursday morning on the way to work.

well it was packed and no rods left,so went to work.

rang mun and she came through for me ,got me a rod and a roll of 8 lb braid .

i wanted some lighter braid as the lightest i have was 15 lb.

the rod looks ok ,old man checked it out ,he reckon is looks ok .

and will do me ,i don't go deep sea or shark fishing every often.

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