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Fishos getting their act together in Canberra


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Again from fishing world. Good to see groups forgetting their egos and looking at the big picture.



Canberra region fishing alliance

05 Nov 2009

Canberra and Queanbeyan anglers have taken the first step in providing better local fishing.

Five local fishing clubs have formed the Capital Region Fishing Alliance to address local fishing issues such as fish stocking, habitat, access and participation.

"The ACT and surrounding region is under-utilised as a fishing destination, with poor water quality, inadequate fish stocking and the dominance of pest species. This Alliance will see the coordination of efforts towards improving fishing in the Capital Region", said spokesperson for the CRFA, Shane Jasprizza.

The CRFA is an alliance between the ACT Fly Fishers, Canberra Anglers Association, Canberra Fishermans Club, Queanbeyan Anglers Club and Vikings Fishing Club.

Steve Samuels, President of the NSW Council of Freshwater Anglers said, "For too long recreational fishing has been given a very low priority by local governments and one of our key objectives is to have recreational fishing supported in line with its participation rate".

All fishing clubs in the ACT region are urged to join the Capital Region Fishing Alliance.

To find out more contact either Shane Jasprizza at actangler@bigpond.com or Steve Samuels at steven_samuels@bigpond.com

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