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channel nine story on banning outboards??


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just caught an add on tv for channel nine news tonight....

.they were saying how big a disaster the moreton bay oil spill was but then continued by saying "are these really to blame" showing pictures of boats with the emphasis on the outboard.....then continued saying how they are banned somewhere overseas and why not here?? thats what i got out off it anyway....

has anyone else seen it?

must hav been a slow news day ey!

look forward to seeing what big heather ford has to say for herself!

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Hi zanO, no I didn`t see that but will tune in tonight for the news.

have read articles over recent years where there is a gathering push to ban 2 strokes.

I think what we may find is with technology advancing, some time soon they will just stop producing 2 strokes,then wait a few years till all or most of your,now older models, die out and then start looking at banning all 2 strokes.

PS. Nige said to say hi if when communicated next.

cheers Gad

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