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Bullshark saves fisherman!!!

Old Scaley

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Earlier this week, plan for today was to head to Caloundra with a mate and chase a few mackeral in his mate's boat. I have never fished that area and was really looking forward to a new adventure :)

Turned out he had to work and the weater wasn't looking good for an offshore run, so plan B had to come into effect - head out from Fishos, hit the shipping channels with fresh octopus for the bottom bashing and pilchards to float under balloons out the back of the boat for any stray macs. Hit the water at 5.30am, already a bit of a chop. Drifted, anchored, drifted, anchored, drifted, anchored - DONUT :(

Wind was up (maybe 15 knots) so tried the rock walls around the reclaimed area - DONUT :(

Went back into the river, got some live herring in the cast net and tried drifting around Claras Rocks, the pipeline and a couple of other secret spots :P - DONUT :angry:

Packing up the gear to head back to the ramp at about lunchtime - zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz hit on the last line that i was getting ready to reel in and pack up. Little bullie (maybe 75cm??) on 2 herring rigged on ganged 3/0s - FINALLY SAVED FROM A DONUT :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:

Released boatside in case it needs to save me again :laugh:


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