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Re: Lox Ambassador Program - Get Sponsored!


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** This thread discusses the content article: Lox Ambassador Program **

Lox Ambassador Program:

Lox, has quickly established itself as a leading provider of high-end, specialist Angler weaponry. As a business we greatly appreciate the support from both anglers’ and the quality out-fitters’ who have helped spread the message.  In grateful recognition, we announce our Lox Ambassador Anglers’ program. Lox Ambassadors’, will receive generous product sponsorship and support national recognition and a unique opportunity to develop their profile within an industry worth 2.2 billion pa*.

Lox invites interested Anglers from NSW, Victoria, South Australia, Queensland, Tasmania and Western Australia to forward their Angling resumes for consideration. Each state will have three Ambassadors.

Reflecting the status of the Lox brand, we ask all applicants to provide a resumes of their fishing experience. Please make note of any professionally organized competition wins. Published articles or photos’ in the fishing press & or, professional involvement in the fishing community.

•The judges’ decision is final & no correspondence will be entered into.

•Entries close 22-06-2010 winners announced 30-06-2010

•Lox Ambassadorships’ are for one year (financial year).

•Ambassadors’ maybe required to assist with R & D, or promotional


•Ambassadors’ will enjoy perpetual recognition on the Lox Honor Roll.

Send your Angling resume:

Att: David Duffy

Lox Ambassador Program


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I thought you would all like this!

I have often heard the question asked on this forum... "How do I get sponsored"?

Well here is your chance!

I have spoken a few times now with David Duffy personally and this seems like a great opportunity for those of you who take their fishing seriously.

Obviously on the resume should be included any events you have competed in and your placing.

But events aside dont leave anything out!

How often do you fish?

Whats your web presense like? (fishing reports etc).

Do you write for/appear in magazines.online articles?

Good luck.

At least a half dozen members come to mind as prime candidates.

When the 3 QLD winners are announced it would be great to some a familiar face or 2 in the line up!


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Do$tylz wrote:

I love my LOX rod. This is awesome to see them on board with AFO.

I'll be giving my LOX a flogging this weekend at the MBC. If anyone wants to feel the 1-3kg come and find me.

Consider me as an Ambassador David :DDSC__421_AFO.jpg

Before Lox had contacted me I had already heard only good things from you Henry as well as Bigtez. So It was awesome to get the call about this promotion.

Looks like we will have some Lox rods as prizes at our next event as well :)


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Shimanobwoie wrote:

I guess this is why i should of competed in all those events and actually tried alil harder to get my fishing articles published oh well i guess its not quite my time yet lol


After talking to the team at Lox this will be an ongoing annual comp with the Ambassadors chosen annually.

So no time like the present to start!!!


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I have heard on the grape vine there have been several awesome resume's submitted from known names on this forum. Good work guys.

Just a reminder that the deadline fast approaches for this comp.

If you are in any way interested in being sponsored, competing in comps etc it might really be worth submitting something. Even if you plan on getting more serious next year (as I know is the case with several people) this may be a great opporuntity to have a practice at submitting a fishing resume and maybe get your name noticed!

Good luck to all those that are submitting.


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