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Where to go and whats legal?


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Hey guys, just wondering if anyone could help me out with some info.

I'm a keen fisho as well as bow hunter, and was wondering if anyone here has been bow fishing?

If so are the rules/law the same.

Obviously I don't wanna just pull up at my local bridge and start plugging bull sharks, though I do know a great place, (don't think the locals would be to pleased.)

Any info would be great.

Cheers P240709_08.JPG

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Yeh I hail from way out west on the Barwon river. The Euopean Carp are a clasic target for Bow Hunter Fishers out there. Mind you I do recall blowing the begeesus out of the water with big firearms that i had in those days, Carp were my targets at the time predominantly because they were noxious and sometimes hover near the surface of the water.

Not sure of the laws in densley populated locations though.


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