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Yakin' Clear Island Water 15/12 AM Wanna Come?


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In an effort to catch some bass for the KFDU Xmas Bass Social comp I am heading down to Clear Island Waters early tomm AM (Wed 15/12/2010).

I'm hoping that this area may be less effected by recent rains and dam run-off than my local streams.

There are a number of fresh and saltwater species living in this area, so who knows what might jump on. Bream, Bass, Trevs?????

If you are lucky enough to bee on holidays :woohoo: , or just want to give work a miss :whistle: and get on the water, please feel free to join me at the launch spot (canoes/kayaks) near the Dog Off Leash area located at the roundabout / corner of Robina Parkway and Boowaggan Road.

I'm aiming to get there for a bit of early morning surface action and launching at approx 5.00am.:ohmy:

If you wanna join me, please feel free to reply here or send me a PM.

(this invite is also posted on KFDU, so hope to see some fellow yakers there)


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Well the car is loaded, the leaders are tied and fingers are crossed.

thanks for the tip Tom. I've packed the SP's just in case.

shame you fellas are working.

I don't have a camera on my phone, so I won't bother you with fishin pics and ruin your days work.

enjoy :)

Oh well, looks like I'm flying solo this time.

If anyone has a late change of heart and don't know me by sight...well I'm about 6'3, 95kg and have been mistaken for Hugh Jackman.

Or just look for the fella on the Hobie Sport that has obviously no mirrors, scales or measuring tapes at home.


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they were hard to find, but when I found them they were thick as.

can't do report yet (waiting on the end of the KFDU comp), but can tell you that today I found them on the drop offs where the offshoot canals meet the main body of water . One corner goes from 4m up to 1.5m over a 100m troll and that's where I found them today. Lots of double hook ups. Mainly midgits I'm afraid but good fun. Trolled Scorpion 35's were the best today but also got them on stumpjumpers. hope you get into a few.


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They were hard to find Rod - and even harder to get a strike out of them :laugh: It was a bit late in the day for anything spectacular (and really hot) but did narrowly avoid the donut with this 34cm model dragged from the shade under a pontoon. Not worthy of it's own report. The ever reliable "rack walker" did the trick.



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