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small but fun

T Fisher

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stopped at a local creek on the way home from work with the storms hanging around felt like fish might be around caught a heap of spangles on lures some only barely bigger than the lure the mullet were also going mad never seen them so aggressive also seen some tillarpia hanging around one was huge only bait i had was bread they were not interested in that or any of the lures worms would probably done the trick here are some pictures from my phone sorry about the quality need better phone or should carry camera




i said there was some small ones :whistle:





a bit bigger ;)


this was the biggest one caught a few more but they were practicing there own catch and release while i was trying to position them for photos :ohmy:





and there are the ferocious mullet

wish i had have found a bass :) t in correct in there but had fun kept me busy :woohoo:

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no rain while i was there but storms all around thought i better clear out at about 6 though because one was heading straight for me :ohmy: from the direction of home and missus wouldn't be happy if i got hail damage because of a sneaky fishing session :angry: went through some heavy rain from about 1k from home but no hail thankfully

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