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Good or Bad Weather we still good!


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Weather isn't too good but you can't stop me FISHING!!!! :evil:


Just the other week wanted a light surf combo and i couldn't really go past the alvey kind of one of my favs low maintenance and can throw it in the water and sand and all is good mate Thats a 600b alvey for light surf.


The rod is a 600 open runner 3.2m (10'6") 5kg line class which fits well, the combo hasn't broke the donut yet but we'll get there. I havn't really had a chance to use it other than out the front here yet.


from inside out of the rain can watch it :P , the dog wondering why we arn't out there mucking about still:lol:


This is where i'm sitting right now though, as you can see the lappy on the table with couple of the kids combo's and my shimano kit with a few lures and goodies inside.

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