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Shultz morning session


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Hey All,

Pat, Joel and myself met at 4:30 at the bikepath next to the nudgee golf course ready for a fish. After a short ride I soon found out how unfit I was and how umcomfy my bike seat was:pinch:

Pat had some early troubles finding some livies but after 10mins of casting he landed a few to get us started. I casted out while Pat gave me a few tips about sharking, including how to hook it. 20 odd minutes later something was taking my line very slowly, with some coaching from Pat telling me there is a fish taking your bait and to set the hook, I did exactly that and a few mins later I had my first ever bull shark in my hands, it was awesome! Not a monster only going 80cm to the tip of the tail.

It all went fairly quiet after that. 2 catties caught by both Joel and Pat. Unfortunatly I had to leave and go to work:angry: but just before I left Pat had caught quite a large stingray. I don't know if they managed to catch anything after I left..

Il throw some pics up tonight when I get home from work.

Thanks to Pat who gave me sone useful tips on sharking and helped me land my first shark, I've been wanting to catch one for a very long time.




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