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Prawns in january


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Hey everyone decieded to go and wet a line this morning with a rising barometer and glasses out bay. 2 minute walk from my house and the first cast was in. Noticed a 17ft centre console cruising around and thought it was funny cos the water isnt to deep where i go. Turns out they were chasing prawns and managed 16kg between the 3 of them. Then another small quintrex explorer rocked up with 3 big guys in it chasing prawns aswell so i sent my young nephew back to get my broken run down cast net. I managed about 15 prawns all decent size ones to. I got fruastrate so packed up there gear and came home and my nephew chose to stay. Just went back to check on how he was going and the prawns are still flicking everywhere and the baitfish are still getting chased around.

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