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NPD redclaw are a pest.21/3/11


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Back to NPD this morning because we didnt go to see Caser Daley and Prince willey at Toowoomba.

Pretty nice morning .


Did my shrimp pots. Very pleased with my new rubbish bin npots they catch far more than all nthe other ones that I have tried.

Then baited up the redclaw pots and tried to catch some gar and tilapia.

Got a few gar but couldnt take a trick with the tilapia. As soon as the bait hit the bottom either a turtle or redclaw. Even got 2 redclaw on the one bait.


I think that i got around 12 redclaw on the line.. Just drop bait to the bottom and if it moves sideways quickly its a turtle and if it moves slowly ite a redclaw.

As usual got a good feed of claw on the way back.


Waiting to be deveined.


This lot may be going to Gladstone.



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I can't wait to get back up to Qld and have a go at these guys. I has been ages since i have got a feed of redclaw. Moving back to queensland in 3 weeks permently.. woo.. and will be based outta Caloundra waterfront. But will come back to get some of these puppies outta NPD.

Great catching Ray :woohoo:

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