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mayora ?? reef moreton bay


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hit the mayora reef yesturday morning as i was having withdrawals from my boat. so seeing my boat hadent been started on riping the floor out, i had to go. hit the water at 5.30 and at peel at 5.45 to get some live pike. got 20 live pike with in minuits over in horse shoe bay on 3" smelt bowerbaits and 1/8 size 1/0h tt jig heads.

with bait on boarn i head to mayora reef which in aboat 45-60ft of water.



red mark is red tripod beacon and reef is between yellow marks

their is a lot of good ground through hear and over the years have got good tuskies, snapper, sweetlip, small cobia, cod, morwong and mackeral.

the gear i was using was a tld50lrsa spooled with 80lb braid top shot with 80lb stren for stretch, a no#5 ball sinker, 89lb shogun swivle, 1.8m of 80lb clear shogun leader and a 9/0 circle hook

this trip i decided to drift over it. see it was the incoming tide i started on the northern end of the reef and got about a 3.5-4min drift before starting up the boat and heading back and redoing the drift. first drop down, felt a slight bumb bumb. in the line and a change in how the line felt in the fingers. so i droped the lever back to free spool and as i lid, the fish took of at 100mph. i lock the reel up at lent back to set the hook. you should have herd the brail whisle of the reel, it took a quick 10sec run and then turned on me and swum quicker than i could wind and reefed me. well you win some and you loose some.

next drop a solid thump and then tention in the line, i lent back on the rod, and i was conected once again. no runs just acouple of head shakes and up comes a nice E.C ( esturary cod ) yum yum.. into the ice brien with you.



next drop on the way down i estmate 30ft, smack and a birds nest. i didnt bother about geting the birds nest of just straight into the fish... no fight at all and up comes a good tailor...mmmmm dad would like that so in you go into the brien.


i went up for another drift and droped down and on the way down slam and a good hook up, but i could stop it from goin back to its hole and got bustid off.

well it was geting a bit hot so i decided to beach the boat on the sand bank, wack on the snorkle and flippers and go for a swim... i was divin down to around 25ft mark on the dropp off collecting lead and to my astonishment i seen 2 feelers sticking out from under a large bit of plate coral. So i resurfased and swum back against the current and dove back downand grab a hold of the bottom, slowly putting my hand orver him and grabed the bottom of his feelers and resurfacing. Swimming back to the boat as quickly and calmly as possible as the lobster made its funny clicking noise which i had cause it draws in preditors. Threw it in the boat and jumped back in the boat excited as hell cause i had an awsom feed tonight....


so in the 3hrs i was on mayora reef for i picked up a nice feed and got owned by some brute fish as well. All in all a top quick sesh in our beautiful moreton bay

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