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Gave my Austackle Travel Rod a swim ( AKA D1khed )


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With the forecast looking too ordinary for boating NPD and the fact that I had a stack of live shrimp in my tank I decided that myself,Tai, Rick and Ming would go back to the pine river for a fun bass session.

Rick and ming wandered off getting plenty of exercise walking miles and throwing softies for no result whilst Tai and myself kept ourselves with a slow to start bass session.Dont think we caught a fish in the first half hour after which the fish started to trickle in

Gave my austackle travel rod a bit of a work out.


Then gave my austackle 1-3 kg camostick a really good workout using 8lb stren and 8lb leader.

While I was playing this fish I had wound in my travel rod and had left it sitting with the bait in the water beside the jetty and picked up a good sized bass.

I thought this is a good idea so I re baited the travel rod and dropped the bait in the water beside the jetty. D1khed forgot to loosen off the drag and next thing the rod takes a dive over the side.We could see a trail of bubbles heading upstream and luckily Tai reacted quickly and cast his line in that direction and fortunately the hook caught the rod just below the first runner.There was quite a few anxious moments while Tai retrieved the rod which still had the fish attached.It was a nice bass of over 40cm.

After that i made certain that the drag was set loosely and I kept my foot on the butt of the rod.

More to come

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:ohmy: Ray, Have you ever lost a rod in the water and never got it back ? ! ? :S

Bloody amazing - that must be at least 4 times since I've been on AFO :woohoo: :lol:

Well done on the quick work Taib. B)

Enjoying these videos too :) Better than Bill Dance :lol:

What did ya get the lungy on, shrimp or their favourite bait - I've heard they will inhale a "Winfield" ? :lol:

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One of the boys caught this pretty " cod" He quickly changed his mind when I told him what it really was.


Sorry no story with photos but the site times out on me all the time because I am a slow typist.

Total catch probably between 30 and 40 bass,2 tilapia ,one tandanus ,one lungy,one bullrout.

One of bthe bass was tagged so I will ring it in tomorrow.



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Wow, what a day! As Ray said, the day started off Very s l o w, with the first bass not biting for the first 30 mins. Ming was keen to try to outfish me and ray using soft plastic.. haha, while rick was still half asleep standing up!

it took a while but we eventually managed to convince them to use bait, and gee were they happy they did. Rick landed his first ever bass, while ming was busy landing his tilly.

Ray was taken on a bit of a ride with a 1m + lungy which was exciting to see. And then the rescue of Ray's rod was quite amazing on how it unfolded. When we all saw ray's rod get pulled in by the bass, we could see and feel our hearts just burst. I quickly decided to flick my line in and first cast retrieved rays rod with the fish still on it! We were dumafounded! If only we caught it on video.

Anyway, all in all it was a nice day out, despite the wind and rain.


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