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Hard hitters

Little Grey Men

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I had another session this afternoon from three til sundown, the bass were a bit harder to find but they did make an appearance.

A handful of smaller models from 30 to 44cm smashed my lures but it was the big girls I was looking for.

I've been sticking to a certain pattern with these bass and have been having an absolute ball. The best fish of the arvo was a nice neat 52cm Fork Length bass....although I did hook something bigger which moved quite slow for a while then shook the hooks ?

This 52 was without a doubt the hardest fighting bass I've ever caught, I felt the lure get hit and I struck, the fish started swimming towards me so I had no idea of it's size. As I quickly took up line and the fish felt pressure it took off like it had a supercharger bolted to it and peeled drag from my Steez like it was a toy....all I could do was yell WHOAH WHOAH WHOAH !!! and hang on as the bass towed me along. After mutliple lunged for the bottom the fish eventually surfaced with one hook from the rear treble hanging onto it's lip.

I don't get too excited when I hook a bass but this one had my heart pumping, the way it was pulling drag in furious bursts was something else.

I love bass !!!





[attachment:10]7th Mar 11 018.jpg[/attachment]


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Some nice Bass ther mate. Looks like the vibes are doing the trick!!

Yep, the vibes are used mainly because of the weight, I'm sitting in the middle and really punching them into thick grassy edges where the bass are hiding from the sun.

The lure disappears into the grass and makes a bit of a disturbance as you pull it back out again and this gets their attention.

Plastics with a single hook are working well too but these vibes cast a mile.

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