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Mothers Day peel island


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First of all Happy mothers day to all the mothers (this includes Kriso as he's the biggest mother I know). It was decided last night that the girls wanted to go for a run in the boat for mothers day. A quick check of wind and tide and peel was the chosen destination. Arrived at the raby bay boat ramp 6am with plenty of car parks left. Quick offload and we're on our way. First stop THE HOUSE BOAT. Decided to do a spectulator drift and see how strong the current was flowing. 1/6 jighead was found to be getting into the strike zone so I rigged flexo jnr and Mrs flexo with 3inch prong & 3inch gulp prawn and set my self up with 5inch gulp crazy legs jerk shad, all set up now to set the first drift. Headed up current 100m lines over and as my daughter says flick flick stop. After a couple of flicks Mrs flexo is on, short fight follows and a legal sweety is landed. After removing the lure and releasing the fish, I grab my rod AND I'M ON, The #$%&^ing house boat. First rig gone. As I re rig, Mrs flexo sets us up on the same drift and all lines are back in the water. Short drift and Mrs flexo is on again, short fight for a tiddler snapper I remove the hook, release the fish, pick up my rod AND I'M ON, the $%^&ing house boat, again. So I re rig for the third time. This time a 3 inch prong. Mrs flexo at the helm again I say lets change the drift 20-30mtrs to the west PLEASE DARLING!!!!. With a new drift in place, lines in AND the wind picks up and puts us back on the same drift. With one eye firmly on the sounder, a few small hits just as the house boat comes into view on the sounder a solid tug on the lure, you're F#$%ING KIDDING. But no the house boat doesn't run. One good flick of the rod to set the hook and 6lb fireline screams from the reel and doesn't stop. Sweet heart could you and flexo jnr please bring your lines in and follow my line that is disappering from my reel NOW!!!!! thank you. Following the fish a tussle ensued only gaining line beacuse of the boat following the fish. We manuvered over the fish and tried to get all images of a shark out of my mind. Gaining line I see a silver flash below. You F^&%ING beauty, PB jewy on the line . Now mrs flexo would you be so kind as to grab the landing net to help me retrieve this beautiful specimen. (AND DONT F!$#ING MISS). Three shots with the landing net and the most beautifull silver shine lands on the deck. WOO HOO! PB Jew 77cm on 6lb fire line what a mothers day pressent and Im not a mother (shut up ellicat) Will up load photos as soon as I've finished posting. Ok dinner on ice now for a few more drifts for no result. Decision was made to hit up a few bommies up near the Hannlon light had a dozen drifts for 15 or so under size fish. Flexo jnr wanted to go to dunwich and see if any trevors were around. Upon arriving I noticed a couple of speed bumps near the passenger jetty. On closer inspection it was Kreel and Tackle box. So we motored over to say G'day asked how they were doing. Kreel said there where a few trevors around so I removed the jew and showed him and said so theres none of these around?

For some reason he told me and mrs flexo to go and have mummy and daddy cuddles. After several casts at the pilons, no result. We decided to call it a day and headed home 55kmph all the way in the glassed out conditions.



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Nice report Flexo !!

I love how you have documented the course of events as you were wrestling your PB Jewie, somehow i think it was probably a little more animated with less pleasantries hehehe :whistle:

I'm sure any mother out in the world of AFO would have loved a good fishing trip out on the bay today, well done

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