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another pb for the bay snapper


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Hi guys

Went to the bay yesterday arvo to throw some soft plastics out for some snapper went out with nads07 aka nathan and yoogirlla aka jason after a quick run over to spot x started our first drift not much just little snapps and a couple flounder.

so moved in a little bit closer started another dift nathan using blades and me jason using atomics i got a nice little snapp went 35cm put him back nathan got a couple flathead and jason got a couple morer flounder.things were a bit slow.

so started another drift out wide again just came over our mark that we have got our monsters over the last few weeks first cast my lure didnt even make it to the bottom and i felt a huge wack droped it back to him and a couple lite flicks and bang im on this fish took a good 50m off lineon its first run on the stardic 4000 ci4 why i was fight in this fish next thing i hear jason was on as well with fish doin the smae thing as mine another huge run and nathan was on the electric motor trying to chase these fish after about 10mins of big runs and jason starting to win the battle this fish takes another big run all i hear next oh hes gone straightened the hook.

oh well unlucky why nathan is motoring over to mine i see colour and it was a monster i started to think in my head i hope he didnt swallow it after another big run he up again and nathans got the net in his hand slides it under him and all i can say after all that and 20mins of a fight i have another pb snapper on soft plastics with this fish weighing 8.5kg and 89cm i was gonna release him as i was do with most of my big fish but he was wrecked and has great colours so the call was made to put him on my wall to go next to my big brown trout.

Now before anyone says anything i do normaly release my big fish as i did last week with the 75cm and the 84cm but this one was wrecked hope use enjoyed the read heres a few pics thanks shane




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Mate the best thing todo is pick the side you wanna see keep it damp then as soon as get home lay it in freezer flat on cardboard and should be ok if you get it to them ASAP make sure you get lots of photos to prove the size as it shrinks in freezer and cause colours change as well

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