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Forestlakes Lake 02-08-06


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Hi all,

Myself and George went to Forestlake to try and see if we could gt us some of these Talipia that we've heard of so much. Angus had mention trying to get there in the past, but could never make it.

So off wre went to see what it was like, and more importantly to see if there was any actual fish there.

Just took bread as bait, as the pet store didnt sel any feeder shrimp.

Found a nice looking place where my daughter could play on the swings and we could fish. Looking at the lake you notice how big it really is. Alot of poeple just think its a small pond or lagoon. Its a decent size. Also its been built with a shallow outside and centre, but has a deep drop off cut though out the hole thing. The channel getting wider the further away from the edge and at the wider parts of the lake.

Fisrt thing we had to tackle were the bloody birds. Hundreds of them just following us as they are obviously uded to being fed by poeple.

After getting some bread in the water that wasnt eaten by birds it wasnt long before we saw some surface action. Not long after that hooked a eel tailed cat fish. Not what i was expecting but pretty happy. After a while we noticed there are large amount of what we think are large gar fish. The cat was the only thing caught as the birds came worse and so did my temper, sorry about your rod george, we gave in as was already late to pick up the missus.

We are planning to hit there again soon, minus the daughter and with smaller hooks and hopefully feeder shrimp. [img size=384]http://www.australianfishing.com.au/media/kunena/attachments/legacy/images/forest_lake_001.jpg

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Yeh mate it looks like a nice place to fish. Was there any non-fishing stuff there? I spoke with somebody earlier about fishing those lakes and they said in the pavement it says no fishing or something. Not having a go at you or n e thing just wondering.

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Hell yeah. I live in Forest lake and always thought you couldn't fish there but next time you go count me in. Was just saying to the missus the other day how they should stock it with bass and the likes and just leave it as a catch and release area.

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