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Just in time


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Just in time this morning in the North pine, just in time before these blokes came along


Must admit though they stayed well away from me and never got any closer than 70mts. When I arrived there was only one other fisherman there and when I asked how he went he said he had got 2 bass. I dont think he liked the look of me as he packed up quickly and as he passed me he said I have my 2 now I go home.

Well I was on first cast to a nice bass and this continued for about an hour, I was fishing shrimp and lures at the same time. Lures were not doing very well until I changed to plastics. Managed about 20 plus bass with quite a few over 40cm then when I was just about to leave I dropped 2 tarpon on shrimp so I went down to 1/8th jighead with a dark plastic and jigged it across the river just under the surface and picked up 3 tarpon, I also had a lungfish to the bank before he pulled the hook.



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