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My New Tinny


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Hey guys as i posted early on was looking for a tinny and this one seemed just right and i spotted it on gum tree. its a 3.7m savage tinny with a 15hp 04 model johnson motor. was really happy with it when i saw it and went really well on the water goes fine with me and my dad plus some extra weight in it. its not ideal at the moment and will need a bit of time and work but i wanted a project boat anyway. first of all i am going to get rid of the sunraiser wheels and hubs and throw on some 14 inch rims and tyres. the boat has to be owered on the trailer and needs new rollers and teflon on the slides as it has carpet atm. then i am planning on taking out the false floor re doing it properly and then putting a casting deck up the front with hatches for easy access as well as a new paint job. will take a while to put all this into motion but cant wait for the end result. will be happy to give out some deckie spots if i can stop my girlfriend from coming along haha.







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Looks like a good rig man, a bit of a project is heaps of fun, and its good to make the boat your own, but the best thing is, its all sweet to hit the water so you don't need to wait months! Good purchase, im sure we will see plenty of great reports

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