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Social Fishing Comps - Dates Entered


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Hey everyone,

As promised I have added the proposed dates, venues and species in the events section of the Social Fishing Comps groups. (Scroll down to the bottom of the page once you are in the group and you can see the full spread).


Hopefully this varied spread of species and locations plus dates organised well out will encourage new people and allow others commit and make plans respectively.

I will wait until the self appointed organiser of these events RSVP's to the event and make them admin and then step down. People have alreadt put their hands up for some events and others I am waiting.

I think the main points to add to the event details when you nominate yourself are:

Which ramp?



Entry Format (dead fish, photo's, live fish etc).

This will be up to the discretion of the organiser but please feel free to put it out to members. There is nothing stopping you having several organisers for each event as once you are an admin you "admin up" others.

Hopefully this will be my job done :)

Looking forward to making a few of these personally starting with the Bream one at Redcliffe.

Cheers everyone.

Great to see a few already RSVP'd for the Bream event including some completely new faces to AFO events (and in some cases AFO altogether!!).


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Great idea with the trophy Mark - I was only thinking that the other day when I first read about the social comps idea. Would motivate people to attend most/all of them rather than only a couple (although that is fine too, obviously).

I too would be willing to help with an event if it is needed - just sing out.

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