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Congratulations Dell: 5th in the Austackle Easter Classic


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Just a quick shout out to Nordic Stage team member and AFO member Dell on coming 5th in the 2012 Easter Bream Classic.

Dell was sponsored jointly by Nordic Stage and Pontoon 21 (both AFO sponors) for this event.

With 47 teams on the water (many not scoring a full bag) we consider this a worthy effort deserving on applause!


Top 5 were:

(Sorry Spam filter is not letting me add a list no matter how I configure it...)

Good luck to all Nordic Stage team members competing in upcoming Bream and Bass competitions.


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Congrats again dude, i think roughly 10 out of the 47 got a full bag. Dennis and I only weighed in two fish for 28th :(

On the plus side - fished the first comp out of my boat and can't wait to get out there again (but hopefully with 5 fish next time)

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