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GC Seaway - 3 arvos 9-11 August

Brian D

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Well what I said to my wife is I sit in my car for 40min to work, I sit in my office for 9 hours, then I sit i my car and drive home, then I sit in front of the TV/computer for 4- 5 hours then go to bed. Thats about 25 hrs a day sitting on my arse. No bloody wonder my new nickname is porka.

So as part of my new health kick, I told my wife, I have to go fishing every afternoon after work and before coming home. Doctors orders dear, sorry.

Now that part is under control time to get fishing which was at the GC seaway for about 1.5hrs till dark for 3 days in a row. Using SP's and spinners, it didn't take long before I was catching what everyone else there was catching, in fact, first cast I was onto what the locals were catching - Nothing.

For 3 days and between all the fisherman there (about 50 over the 3 days) there was not 1 fish caught.

My wife says I should at least say I caught something or they (you guys) will think I am a hopeless fisherman. but no it's not only me cause surely if it was just me, what is everyone elses excuse!

It's the time, tide, moon faze, weather, wind, temp, season and global warming but it's not me cause I know what I'm doing.

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Mate i dont know how the seaway works.

I have fished there twice ever for prob a total of 7 hours and caught 1 whiting.

So yeah.

Dont know the tricks.

However im sure tehre are some as you here good reports from there often enough.

Any help anyone?


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Hey Snappa thanks for the comment about the boat -it's a labour of love and yeah the layout is just about perfect now compared to what it used to be. But then again, it used to be perfect for a skiing!

About the bait fishing at the seaway - I would but as I fish after work the bait tends to make my suit a bit smelly. As it is I must look a bit strange throwing SP from the rocks in my suit, mental note to self to take a change of cloths next week.

By the way the guys using bait weren't having any luck either.

Hey if you see me on the water come over and say good ah. Cheers Mate

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