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Mooloolah River Crossing

Terry H

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Mooloolah River mouth has silted up again. Was out there Saturday to find a solid set breaking across the entire width of the mouth entrance.

As always, exercise caution around bar crossings. When leaving the river mouth, it's probably best to chuck a hard left around the western rock wall; it's certainly the deepest water which is what the survey shows as well.


Only a matter of time before someone gets flipped.

Hopefully it's dredged soon.

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19 hours ago, Luvit said:

How's that, I just thought it was called the Mooloolaba river. 

Thanks for the heads up. Wanting to get out there when I get the boat back next week. 

Will make other plans. 

If you head out through SPB, then I certainly wouldn't let this put you off. Plenty of boats still head out through there. There is a decent channel, you just need to be mindful that it's a sharp hook around and reasonably close to the western rock wall, as shown in the survey. That and following the channel puts you side-on to any waves.


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13 minutes ago, straddiebrad said:

sundays looking good out through spb?


Sure is looking good mate. Gotta chat to the Mrs first. She's on my back about whale watching, so I might head out through the Seaway. Moon phase is good.

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