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Sinker Night 26/08/17


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Hey All,

Been going through some family stuff atm, so been a bit quiet. First task is to get the sinker night organised!

Where: Bethania (A.K.A B-Town)

When: 1600 onwards, 26th of August

Will have a BBQ later on. Have a nice firepit to cook on, or a BBQ. Once we get some numbers can organise food. Anyone getting on the piss is welcome to stay the night. Reply to this thread if you'd like to come along. I'll PM folks who reply with my mobile and address. Anyone is welcome to come along. Will also give us a good chance to finalise details for 1770.


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9 hours ago, aussie123 said:

You will miss out on all the secret mens business.

I can just imaging the amount of trout and red secrets that will be talked about around the lead pot,lol

Haha :) Its the beer BBQ and fire that has me most excited... a fish chat is always welcome.

Did you get any reds?

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2 hours ago, Drop Bear said:

fair enough. fingers crossed for 1st to 14th... see how generous I am. I'm only going for the first week... unless the weather is ****...

The long range forecast is settling really good so hopefully we will get out to the reefs as soon as we get up there.

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Cheers for the good night fellas. Poor sinker pot didn't handle the heat too well. Ended up with two pin hole leaks and started to mould to the mount it was on.

Lots of left over lead we'll use at 1770 to make more sinkers. You'll be charged for the fumes next time Brad.





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Hi all,

          Looks like you's had a profitably night.

Was that pot alloy, looked like it.

I use a cast iron camp oven to break down my lead.

, just a cheap one from a camping store.

Pour that into ingots ( LEE ones.) and then put into my LEE electric pot to make

bullets and sinkers..

Always do it outside to keep the fumes away.

Looked like a good night.:ausflag:



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1 hour ago, Angry51 said:

tugger, I'm guessing you know once you've put lead in your

camp oven it'll no good for cooking in.:no:

Only use mine for melting lead only.



Yeah I have a split camp oven I don't cook in anymore it has a split near the lip so still good for this job

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