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Lots of places sell them, I have not owned one for 20 years (Well I probably do still own one, but have not seen it for 20 years!).

When I was younger the big debate was always mono vs cotton, mono was cheap, but harder to cast (it would spring shut on you as easily as open!), but cotton loved wrapping around anything and making knots (not much different from the current mono V braid debates!)

I'd reckon get an elcheapo (under 50 bucks) and see how you go. It should last years.

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I have about 6. Three good ones and the others are rubbish.

Have 2 made by Bob Stanford which are top pocket and about 18ft spread. They both cost around $200 and i keep them for prawning at sandgate they are too expensive to use in the logan which is full of snags and rocks. I have 2 drawstring nets one i purchaced in townsville on sale at $90 it is only about 12ft spread but it works really well and i can throw it all day without getting tired.

The other draw string i purchaced on ebay from cairns and its rubbish. The netting is very springy and just wont spread.

The others are cheepo bottom pocket jarvis walkers and i use them in the logan and other places where i am likely to get snagged for prawns and bait gathering.

What fun it is trying to repair a 5ft rip in a net. no matter how carefull in am i can never get it to hang correctly again.

Should have heard me swear when i threw my first $200 net overboard when it wasnt tied to my wrist. Thought i was going to drown when i dived in and picked it up and tried to swim back to the boat . Luckily i then realised all i had to do was hang onto the rope get back in the boat and then pull it in. Funny how common sence doesnt prevail when you are in panic mode.


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I've caught flathead, herring, mullet (biggest 40cm), bony bream (biggest just under 30cm), bream, catfish, wolf herring, toadies, squid, luderick

I've seen a 60 or bigger cm wingspan stingray (I think, it was a while ago.. I know it was big)

Basically, if it's in the area, and you cast on top of it, you can catch it.

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