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please help on new rod set up


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Hey folks,

Just grabbed a 7'3" spin 220cm 5-8kg 12-35g -2sec savage gear black II combo 4000 size.

I'm a novice and am looking for help setting it up for its maximum potential (sized) fish. Keen to target salmon, snapper, trout etc of decent size off rocks/beach.

At the moment im using 8kg mono with a small soft plastic but believe I may need a variety of bigger lures to target those species.

If I understand my rod specs correctly.. Should I be using max 35g weighted lures with say a 40lb fluorocarbon leader? Or is that cutting it too close? 

What would the max fish size target be with a set up like this? Do you recommend snap swivels and tying the leader directly to the main line? And are there any specific lures you can recommend for my set up/target species?


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Mate. I do a lot of rock/beach fishing.

I use at least a 10ft rod on the rocks. 12ft on the beach mainly for casting distance. I always take two rods with me. One for bait, the other for lures.

4000 reel is ok. I use 10 to 12kg mono. Leader up to 20kg.

I also use swivel clips for lures Saves cutting the leader.

I use bait & lures. You have to experiment. What works one day, may not work the next.

Hope this helps. Good luck.

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