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If it is Red, it is Dead


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13 hours ago, Andrew_P said:

Absolutely agree @Bretto77 and did not mean to take the shine off a brilliant day out. Apologies to Ted if my comment came across as negative, it was meant to start a conversation about attitudes to sustainability not anything directed at him or his activities. 

Hmmm I lost my post 

 I did take offence at first.  Making a statement “no offence” does not change it’s effect.   I have not been active on AFO for a long time, being a long term member and still technically a moderator.  

Be careful, do not try and hi-jack someone’s post, especially, someone that is not active. It can reduce their enjoyment and they do not continue to participate.  If you do want a discussion, may I suggest, opening your own thread to start a discussion. 

The title was a joke. But seriously we took 7 reds and 6 Nannygai home for 3 families, hardly exceeding our possession limits.  But from the fisheries own stats the stocks of trout and nannygais are solid and the very reason we have the ridiculously high possession limits. 

One could argue people fishing SEQ are doing a lot more damage regularly fishing and taking Snapper that are under considerable threat and struggling with low recruitment rates. 

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