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Probably the last Trip for Declan


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21 hours ago, Corry said:

Sounds like you had a great day. I went out around Linden Banks a few weeks ago, the sharks were bad enough that I just had to move. Haven't been up this way long so still finding ground, but loving chasing GT's then doing some surface work over the reef flats.

Had two of the kids up so far and stretched their arms, they had a ball, just don't get to do it often enough. 

Yeah I have fished Linden banks a few times and the sharks are generally a problem for us there.  We did manage a nice dogtooth tuna at Christmas.   We have not christened the flats rods yet. After Jasper the water was so dirty.   At Christmas the boys and I spent 2 days out there with pretty poor results.  The first day we would have boated 40 medium Red bass and the same number paddle tails.  So we gave up and moved south to try and get away from them.  I have not caught anything of quality out there apart from the doggie.  

What boat do you have? I picked up a 671 Mclay cruiser 18 months ago and mounted a min kota shortly after.  Really enjoying it. 


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22 hours ago, Bob9863 said:

Sharks are getting to be a real problem, we should be selling sustainably harvested fins and flake.

Good money and if it's done properly it could really help with the illegal market.

I have not seen the Stats from fisheries here. But from a layman’s perspective they do not seem a rare occurrence. I am not sure but I feel we may be influenced by the plight of sharks in other regions around the world.  They say they are an essential component to the ecosystem but it certainly feels a little one sided. 

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