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Berkley Gulps


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I usually been using berkley powerbait and squidgy soft plastics but recently bought a pack of gulps after hearing so much about them on here, magazines and tv...i was just wondering what you guys think of them compared to the other soft plastics? What sort of gulps are the best? and how you are spose to use them???

Looking forward to your advise.


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Exactly Werewolf. What I mean is you can use them like bait and if a fish picks up its scent then it will eat it. You don't have to do anything. That's why they are so good around schooling fish. Just find the heaviest jighead possible and anchor it down to the school and there will be a 99% chance of it getting a hit. A lot of people use them for Whiting becuase any fish will eat a Gulp.


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