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Not sure if ice boxes are accessories but I will post here anyway.

Has anyone here bought or know someone who has bought a TECHNIICE ice box over the internet?

They seem to be the best priced I have seen but not sure what the quality is like.

Thanks for your help.

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I have 2 techni ice iceboxes and am very happy with them.

They are much better than the tropical one that I had previously. I got them on ebay nearly 2 years ago and have had no problems with them. Only problem is that they seal them up with cellotape and if you do not remove all the glue with metho you get a dirt stain on the remenants of the glue.

The techniice blocks are very good but if you are putting fish on them place a towell on top of them to prevent the fish spines puncturing the blocks.

They are much cheaper on ebay than buying them through the trading post.



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