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River is "on" for Bream.


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Absolutely awesome day for shore fishing in the rocks today just on either side of low tide. I was trying out a new pudding bait mix and we had trouble keeping 3 lines in the water much of the time. (Niece pulled in 3x25+cm in 30 min before dark.)

Final tally, 8 bream (keepers), 1 45cm catty, and 2 eels. Of the Bream, only 1 @ ~20cm to throw back. I've caught bigger out off jetties but these were all fat & ferocious on light tackle.

That was the most fun we've had since moving to Brissy.

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Mate sounds like a great session.

Where you fishing? If you don't mind me asking. Bmxdirtjumper and I hit the sunkenwall at the mouth today for a couple of hours either side for 1 hookup on plastics.

Was still a great arvo though...


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Attached a pic, my Bother-in-Law took two home with him. The shortest is just over 24cm, the longest is 31cm. The smallest was the first caught. Had I'd known it was going to be that hot I'd have thrown him back. The next smallest was gilled. :(

The one with the hook visible actually seemed to thread the hook through the lip twice. I still haven't worked it out.

These were on the stretch between Southbank & the Regatta. Just look for rocks, drop a #2 running sinker out maybe 2-3m from the shore and sit back and watch the cats go by. The bream sure spot the stuff when the wake stirs it up.

I think the only thing I caught more of was questions from Joggers "You can actually catch fish here?" :laugh: [img size=480

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I much prefer the joggers and people walking their dogs to some of the sorts I'd been used to around places like Shorncliffe at night. :) I'm lucky if I leave spots like that with 2 decent fish and I've usually got as many smaller ones to throw back. Contending with kids screaming and stomping along the jetty during the day, teenagers being, well, teenagers in the evening, and countless crab pots, plus the occasional break-in threat in the car-park, I much, much, much prefer this new spot.

Oh, and yeah I had plenty of pudding left over when it got dark, but I gave it to the remaining fish in the area for desert.

I'm seriously thinking upriver is better for larger bream, maybe the runts don't travel up as far. I took the photo before cleaning them and all but one had a seriously full stomache, I'm surprised they had room left. I'm curious to see what's around in the summer months.

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