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Modifying SP


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I read this article in the latest edition (July 2009) of Queensland Fishing Monthly about modifying SP to perform that extra better to attract strikes.

The article covered a Squidgy Paddler where you snip part of tail leading to the paddle so that you get maximum 'paddle-affects' when slow retrieving or lifts.

Have any of you guys done similiar to other SPs and what are the methods you employ to get the fish to strike.

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Thanks Mick and Bri for the feedback. The article did mention about boiling them to make them more flexible (creates more action in the water). The article also mentioned that for the paddle-type SPs, you can stick on an extra bit on the paddle for more vibration. There was also various ways to attach trebles to the jig to enhance the strike rate as well. Great read anyway in that article.

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ive done this

get a megabass dog x jr or something similar

remove the tail treble

put on a single lure hook (i like decoy)

then a few wraps of wire around the shank of the single hook (plastic keeper)

then put on a small grub plastic on the single hook (damiki 1.5" are good for this)

gives the fish something to hone in on when they are smashing your surface lure

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