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How to mount a Fishfinder on a canoe?


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Hey guys, I've bought myself a Garmin Fishfinder 250 and am struggling to figure out how I should go about mounting it to my Roscoe canadian canoe. I've never used a sounder before, so I'm pretty clueless i'm afraid. The sounder unit itself shouldn't be a problem - I'll just make a simple bracket and screw it to the centre cross beam... it's how and where to put the transducer that I need help with. Any suggestions? Are there any particular places that I should avoid putting it, or doesn't it really matter as long as it doesn't get hit by the paddles? Does the whole thing (transducer) need to be completely submerged to work properly? I'm worried about drilling holes in the canoe below the water line, and also damaging the tranducer when I pull the canoe up onto dry land or if I scrape the bottom in shallow water.

And finally, what sort of measures do you need to take to waterproof everything; such as wires, cables, connections, screws etc?

Thanks heaps.

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