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Google Earth and Garmin GPS Tracks


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I have had a few different PM's from people asking me how to load tracks from your GPS in to Google Earth.Its a very simple process.

I only have Garmin GPS units, Google Earth has the ability to load both Garmin and Magellan GPS's. All my garmin GPS's upload in the same way, so I assume they all do.

1. Turn on GPS and connect the data cable to your computer.

2. Start Google Earth, (dont bother going anywhere, it goes back to the default startup location after loading the data from the GPS)

3. Make sure your Garmin is set to communicate in "Garmin" mode (Setting this up varies from GPS to GPS, so I cant tell you how to do that, look up your manual. However if you have not touched the settings on the GPS, odds are it is already set to Garmin)

4. Select Tools from the top menu bar in Google Earth

5. Select GPS

6. Select Garmin

7. Select Import (You can untick the waypoint and routes options to speed things up if you use these features on the GPS, but dont want them imported in to Google Earth)

It should then poll your USB and Comms ports until it finds the GPS, then it will automatically import the data. If it does not import the data it usually means the computer is not speaking properly to the GPS. The most common problem being with USB port only computers and serial cables. usb - serial adapters which dont adapt!

Once it imports the data Google Earth returns to the default location it starts at. Just move to the area you recorded the track in and it should be there.

The image below is my track from this morning's paddle loaded from my Garmin Etrex H. npdtoday.jpg

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