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Carbon Fibre Rods vs Carbon Blanks


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My shimano 12' telescopic rod is nearing its end of life after much abuse. Its made from some sort of metal plus a glass tip and has served well as rock fishing rod though with some limitations i.e. have to live with guides not quite lining up as a two piece would and doesn't cast bigger / heavier baits well.

There's a Pelagic telescopic rod that I'm considering. 8 - 12 kg line weight and recommended casting weight 80 - 120g.


Carbon fibre rods - are they any good?

Any thoughts on whether a three piece fibreglass rod would be a better option?

I have a small car and that pretty much excludes one or two piece rod.


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Well I only have a toyota corolla the old hatch version. Even with a three piece surf rod it juts out near the gear stick :dry: So that got flogged off in favour of the telescopic ;)

Plus I'm a novice rock fisherman who has already managed to slip, scratch and luckily not break a fairly new flick stick off the rocks :blush:

Retract the rod and rock hopping I go, well more like small steps plus much butt dragging lol

See the point though, two piece would probably flex and cast lure / bait better.

Nice rod carriers on that site Ellicat, no need for roof racks. Opens up some options then :cheer:

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