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Coochin creek caught. What is it?


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The little guy went say 34cm, I was impressed buy its power for sure,

I first thought it was a Bream until it started to grunt like mad. The young blokes had been fishing all day for 12 under sized Bream they said. I was there for 1/2 an hour lol.

The limit for Silver (small spotted grunter) NEW is legit.


Had me worried at first.

cheers mate. caught on a Squidgy (Killer Tomato) Offset Wide Gap Hook

I didn't think I would have much luck cos I was pitch black at that time last night.

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tugger wrote:

pretty sure the size went up to 40cm as of the 1st of march this year and if you look at the date on the page you posted it is from last year hope this helps

2009:..small spotted grunter(silver Javelin-fish) 30cm.

spotted grunter (barred javelin-fish) 40 cm

years ago both these fish, north of about Maryborough. were called trumpeter.

As they were then, and still are now, reasonable sized fillets are good with a salad and chips

cheers Gad

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