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Cairns Charters


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Will be treating myself to a charter in march (i know early doors) and i thought i better be looking now as people/places book up early and i only have a certain time period i can go

i would like to go both barra fishing and GT fishing (on different days i.e 2 days 2 charters)

Ever since my dad gave me a copy of an aussie fishing mag he brought back on a business trip in 1995 where on the cover was a guy holding what must have been a 40kg GT i have alwasy wanted to get one.

I would love to go surface popping for them, as such i have saved up my pennies and have about $2-2.5k to spend in total for both charters.

However paying high dollar doesnt mean you get a good boat.

Any one out there with any ideas, knowledge etc would be much apperciated.

i have found these guys


any ideas on them or indeed offers of others


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I had found them on google the other day and sent them an email.

however 2 problems

1) i dont think 2.5k would be enough for even there basic entry level trip

2) sadly their schedule is pretty much full up.


I will buy a lottery scratch card this weekend...but im not a lucky person

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Have heard good things about blackout.

Tried to get on last time i was working up there but there were reef closures while i was there. :angry:

I know a dude who had a ball last time he went mostly caught trout and a couple of reds not sure about gts though I'm sure if though if thats what your chasing they will know where to look. Hope you have a ripper time :angry:

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