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NPD 31/1/10 for Lozzel.


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Lozz sent me a pm saying that he and Glenda are coming down to the big smoke and asked me if I could get them a few redclaw.

headed off to the dam after checking seabreeze and Daybrough weather. Looked like I would get a bit wet but the wind would be reasonable.

Was able to check pots before the first showers set in.

I got a few shrimp that I was able to convert to 17 bass during the morning.Had a big school come under me after Dino left and I was down to my last few shrimp. They were slamming the shrimp before they sunk 4 feet. I watched 3 bass rise to attack a shrimp at one stage. Something I have never seen before.

Ended up with these for Lozz.


A couple of good ones.


Got more redclaw in the 3 hours that the pots were soaking than in the first run where the pots had been a few days.A couple of pots were in deep water and all the redclaw in them were dead. I think that the oxegyn levels must be low in the deep as the only lure caught fish seem to be coming from the upper water collumn.

I put the good catch today down to the cloudy weather.

This is how I processed them.

First job is to remove the heads which is quite simple. Just grab the tail in one hand and the head in the other and twist the tail off.

I wore gloves today as my hands are soft from being wet all day.

Bucket of heads.


Bucket of tails.


The next job is to remove the dirt track from the tail.

If you look at the tail it is in 3 sections.


Grab the centre section with a pair of pliers and twist it 180 degrees and then gently pull and the dirt track will come out easily.


If you forget to twist it will snap off and then you have to fish for it at either end of the tail.

I then give the tails a good wash with the garden hose to wash off the mud that is on the tails.

It is then up to your culinary skills.



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We got 13 trolling 8 of them on a deep diving chubby not sure of the colour sort of a light brown. It would have been running at 2.5 metres on the 2 lb fluro the other 5 on a purple 3 metre poltergeist, they were definatly high in the water column. Missed a couple of strikes and a couple came off. All fish tagged best one 41 TL. Light showers Dino? I had the umbrella out a fair bit and Ross didnt have his usual nap while trolling. Thanks again for the small redclaw Ray the cod scoffed 5 in a row like lollies.

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