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2010 Winter Camp Attendees List


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Hey guys.

Thought Id bring this back to everyones attention. I know a lot of new friendships were made at the Moreton Bay Classic and a lot of people were asking me "Whats next"?

It really should be an awesome weekend.

Details on registering for this event can be found here: http://www.australianfishing.com.au/forum/100-winter-camp/250458-2010-winter-camp

Please follow these instructions carefully including the email to me. While not essential to make your booking confirmed it just helps me promote it here and keep everyone informed.

In my opinion the best event of teh year for partners as well if anyone wants to drag the mrs (or mr!!!!) along.


1. Angus Gorrie

2. Tanya Gorrie

3. Steve Wilkes

4. Ray Kennedy

5. Henry Do

6. Jeff F

7. Ellen Wren

8. Donna Boovey

9. Amelia Gorrie

10. Ben John Schluter

11. Julia Birks

12. Rob Searing

13. Ted Stevens

14. Bronwyn Lyall

15. Kriso Lubbers

16. Billi Milovanovic

17. Nic Gardener

18. Jess Halpin

19. Tomas Lazlo

20. Dennis Pearce

21. Mark Grossman

22. Tom Burton

23. Kris Sweres

24. Jake Walker

25. Brad Bell

Cheers guys.

Angus Gorrie

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tomca wrote:

OK Gus, you've sold me on the idea :woohoo: I'm in for this one. Will register and pay tomorrow. Just wondering if its still cool to bring the yak, I'd hate to end up sharing a tinnie with someone like Baden :angry:

Yeah mate cant see a yak being a problem. But to be honest, would you mind just checking it with Steve. So far I have not seen a rego from old mate Baden so you should safe :P


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Just had an email from Steve, he is talking to Shimano directly about some prizes for this. Could be interesting :)

We are also working on having some presentations (brief but interesting) in the evening while the dinner prep is occuring. These will happy be by a couple of local tackle retailers.

Ill keep everyone posted on how this goes...


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jeff f wrote:

ah winter camp


then **** and booze round the fire

then more fishing

love it

To right!

Well this is fast approaching.

Still nearly a month away but it will be upon us before you know it!!

Would love to see some more sign ups as its been a bit slow.

This is a perfect event for anyone who has never freshwater fished!! Everything is supplied you just need to turn up!


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Just a heads up I was talking to Steve today and this event is going ahead no matter what. It would be good to get a few more in the head count though.

Steve is also talking to another sponsor so the prize pool could get better :) To be honest though this is not the reason I go at all as its just a damn/dam good weekend!



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sweresy wrote:

just booked..... what are facilities for keeping beer cold like? or is it strictly spirits..... :)

oh excited about the fishing too....

Mate did you register on Steves site?

I just need an email confirmation as well so i can do the boat allocation for Steve :)

Glad to hear you are coming!


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sweresy wrote:

yeh booked it on the sports tuition website? is that the one?

Yeah mate thats the one :)

I usually just ask for an email as well so I can update the competitors list and divvy people up into boats.

No worries though.

I have added you to the list :)

Are you using one of the ST boats or your own?


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