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My first Mac Tuna


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Well I have been preparing for a promotion interview next week and decided to head up to Mooloolaba with a mate for the day to relax.

As usual the weather wasn't as forecast. Anyway after a long morning of not much happening we decided to head back... then as we rounded Point Cartwright the birds were working and the water was boiling with tuna.

Having never caught one and a 5 inch jerk shad ready to go on my light rod out I went. Then bang, zzzzzzzzzzzzzz, I'm on. It wasn't long and I had it beside the boat and I blew it. I relaxed and it ran me straight under the boat and gone.

So we chased them around for a while before we were able to get close enough for me to get back in there. They worked our way and I had another crack. A couple of winds and whack and gone. I though I'd been bitten off when whack, ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ.

This one had some go and I wasn't going to be so stupid this time.

Me at work


This thing had some go and took a bit to get some line back. I couldn't believe just how hard they go... especially when you're using light spin stick loaded with 6lb line.

Me tiring


After what seemed an age I finally got to see some colour and there it was my first mac tuna. Very excited I was. Cracker of a fight that had me working from one side of the boat to the other. I did't get it it on the brag mat but we estimate it was around the 4kg mark.

A couple of the fish now.



I hope I didn't bore you too much, I just had to share my excitement.


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Good to see they're still up there mate!

We lost over a dozen big metre + longtails last week. Guess thast what you get fishing with 20lbs near locked and stock standard trebles. Weakest link will be a larger 4x Owner Treble for tomoz!

Some of the mac tuna up there are enormous too! Lee got one 85cm, I lost that would have nudged a metre after getting it to the boat (leader wore throgh! Must have sucked the slug down deep!) Plenty of mac tuna that size though, we dragged in a good dozen n a half or so, but they certainly didn't put up a fight for us like they would have for you! With the 6lbs it would have been great fun!

Well done thoughmate! even at that size they're a ball of fun on light gear!

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there would not be a person out there who wouldn't love a battle with mac tuna on bream gear. Spent a day with Terry and Henry off Brays a while back chasing them on the light gear. Ignore Terry, those longtails are too much like hard work ;)

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Congrats on the Mac tuna they are good fun more to come I'm sure. To much hard work Tomca no way, Longtails are by far my favorite pelagic to catch, pound for pound nothing comes close I will drive around an ocean of mac tuna for a shot at a pod of half a dozen LTs. On bream gear they are ultimate challenge.

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Thanks boys... The boat was as much of a challenge as the fish. It's not set up to be able to walk around the boat when the fish wants run you under the hull.

I was lucky enough to sit up the front and work it from there.

They really know how to hold in the current to... and on the light gear, yep it was blast!!!! :woohoo:

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they are great fun hey freshy!!! We spun up a few last weekend out off Noosa in laguna bay, if you can Its worth the trip off noosa. School mackerel are in plague proportions up there at the moment, also great fun on the light spin stick :woohoo: :woohoo: :woohoo:

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