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Borumba Toga :(


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Well we got a few Bass on fly at least.

Trouty fly mate from Melbourne had a small Toga almost to the boat before it spat the fly in disgust.

Beautiful dam though even if the fishing was hard. Sorry about photos, all from the phone

Little fat Bass


Just one more cast before the sun sets


Scenery shot



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YES nog it is the prettest dams I have fished but one is for sure it gets BLOODY cold in winter,very short days in the canyion around and bad luck with the toga did the same thing with my first one and only. :dry:

Hey pussca when are you looking at heading up if you tow we can take sea'n'thing's and give the electric a good run

cheers dassa

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Stayed at the Deer Park overnight. All fish were late arvo fisrt day and early morning next day.

and yes a low barom 1014 didn't help much. But I think it was more the Southerly with cold nights previous that shut them down......I think;)

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Those photos will get me back nog. It's a beautiful place.

I was there late August last year for the first time and I think just being on the water in a top spot covers for less fish. I stayed at the park near the dam. Fantastic.

Back again this year, same time.

Caught some bass 33 to fork on lure, but couldn't get a toga. Did it out of a kayak and it was bliss. Chucked all the little red/white pills away while I was there.

(I'm harmless).

Thanks for the reminder.

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