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im pre sure you can buy them straight of nadders seeing he makes them

yes, he will sell direct.

more info here:


Used em for jacks yet Marty? I lost a ripper fish on one the other night I'm pretty sure it was a Jack, got a 40cm cod a few casts after.

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as with anything it depends on the situation, the two models are quite different in action particularly on the drop

the 20g has more of a gliding drop like a prawn and i find works better on the threadfin or any spooked/shut down fish, the 16g has a very lively flutter and i find it works better on the jew or fish that are feeding hard

thats not to say the 16g is bad for threadies or the 20g is bad for jew, its just been my experience that the 20g has a slight edge on threadies and the 16g has a slight edge on jew

in terms of how to best work them, usually start out with a slow lift/drop routine and as always if nothings happening experiment, sharp jerks big long lifts, pauses etc. just make sure you keep contact with the bottom and let the lure drop on a tight line so you'll feel the hits



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