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Burleigh Waters Canals and surrounds


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Yeah the rod and line was only a kids combo that her nanny bought for her. If i remember correctly it's only got something like 4 or 6lb line on lol.

I had a small bait trap out there aswell and i'm telling her oh nvm you have caught the trap until i seen this monster!! (then had to go change if you know what i mean) first time she used her new rod, and wasn't strong enough to hold it up so i had to put a stick through it's mouth so she could take a piccie. She was so excited, and i'm sure no one's gonna be beating her record anytime soon, but let me tell you i'm gonna try hard :lol:

And as Pantherman said i can cast the rod out have a coldie sit on the couch looking for bites whilst watching the Cricket or the Footy!. (which i'll be doing today by the way guys, just thought i would rub it in a bit more).

I'm touching wood right now cause no doubt a metorite has it's eye on this place i'm sure.

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