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Your choice of bottom bashing rigs


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bottom bashing rig i use sounds the same as yours shimanobwoie. 40 sec and the rigs done baited ready to drop after a bust off. no swivils used just main line 30 lb mono and a series of loop knots. up the main line for a 2 hook rig. making the rig up there and then depending on how thick the shows of fish are on the sounder off the bottom or thick on the bottom will determine how far apart the hooks are set

the loop for the for lead is a single loop knot its weak and if the sinker grabs the reef you can pop it at this knot. the twisted paternoster loop for the hook is a double loop knot and reasonably strong.

other than a paternoster rig droping directly up current of a school and pulling the baits through the school float line fishing is the ultimate way of getting to the bottom as it fishes the whole water colum

do you float line on the charters youre on shimanobwoie?

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For patternosters, like you I use anywhere from 60-100lb leader. 100lb if using livies or if AJ's are around.

I just use regular dropper loops. What is the advantage of twisted ones?

Agree with you Mick floatlining is always my preferred option unless specifically chasing pearlies or red emperor up further north.

Never tried it but have also heard of a patternoster rig where instead of a snapper lead you use a heavy jighead with a plastic on it as a sinker. Its meant to be very successful. Another variation is to use a regular snapper lead and have light jighead with plastics on the dropper loops. Has anyone tried either of these?

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