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Logan R. 28/12


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Sitting at the pub on monday my mate suggested hitting the Logan for a bully or two, so sick of being stuck inside we went yesterday and set up behind the Gem on Rotary park rd. We set some operah house traps in the flooded grass for some prawns and my mate threw out a mullet fillet to try until we got some livies, bream or catties, but alas we got bugger all. In the traps we got a good hand full of prawns and about twenty small carp (which were distroyed).


We got two of these but didn't know what they were so they were released.


Heaps of crap floating down river. We did see one fool in a tinny come by :S


After catching no fish we went and had a look at the floods around Logan.

Waterford boat ramp.......




And the road that takes you back to the BP servo opposite to the pub.......


Logan Reserve rd, the new boat ramp.........


The water was upto the 2 meter mark.


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Fresh or salt Gudegeons, they were caught beside a flood pipe from a creek accross the road. Are they legal to bring home for the fish tank?

They are Fresh I am 99% sure.

I am however slightly unsure on the rules pertaining to capturing fish for aquariums as its never come up for me sorry...


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yeah can anyone fill us in on the legalities of taking gudgeons home for a fish tank?

You can collect fish for your personal aquarium but size and or possession limits apply to all freshwater species.

Posted this before but here is the the link to all relevant regs www.dpi.qld.gov.au/28_2981.htm

On this page there are also links to other relevant info and regs ie. noxious fish,exotic pest fish,species identification, permited freshwater gear ect.

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