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Long Tomtastic


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It was decided last night to go for a session down the coast around paradise point so me and dad got there around 8ish and threw some baits in i had one of my rods in with a strip of herring i was rigging up my other rod with a placcy when my line took off but struck and no hook up unfortunately this happened all day >< finally hooked up and to a just under legal breambo the weather was looking ominous but thw water wasnt to bad considering the coomera was chocolate :sick: hooked up again to a just legal breambo then moved spots and was getting harrassed by little bream went back to the first spot and got a few bites dad pulled in a breambo then i pulled in a massive mud crab not sure if it would have fit in the bucket :woohoo: he got off right at the bank then dad landed another bream then my sol took off struck and hooked up to an aerobatic long tom we saw jumping around earlier fought really well and tangled up my other line but got him in he went 77cm long and took the sides off him and cut them up to use as strip bait for other trips dad then caught a nice whiting and it was decided to go home fish cleaned and probably lunch tomorrow all in all a successful session and not to much rain which was great



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