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haha another threaddy report 2x 80cm PLUS!


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we decided to take the boat out last night because we have been having some good luck with threaddy landbase so decided to give the river a shot. headed to colmslie and cast netted for about 15mins which gave me more then enough livies for the night. headed to our usual spots. anchored up and withing the first 15mins i was on! at first i though it was a catfish or so because they took the bait in a very strange way with only nibbles. landed this one which went 82cm. this was a very good start. 15mins has past when my friend picked up his rod to check. ZzzZZZzzZZz his reel started to scream. then my rod went off too!! double hook up! after a good fight my friend got his fish up first but when along side the boat it flapped and snapped his leader! luckily shortly after i land my one. this second one was 89cm. after that it was dead for me. but my mate did have two big runs which busted him off. judging from the leader i would say threaddys. hardly any catfish around with around 3 caught all night. was out for good 3 hrs. all up was awsome fighting those bigger threaddys. at least now i know the river is not so bad! =D both threaddy looking very healthy.

thanks for reading

the 82cm one.


the 89cm one.


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Awesome stuff mate. Last Sunday was my first time at the river since the floods and I was impressed overall with the water quality. This certainly backs that up. Am going to have to get out there this weekend or next.

Do they get them around the footings of the Gateway Bridge? Can you anchor there?


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