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Bringing a Gun to a Knife fight


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Brisbane River report Fri 18th March 2011 – Taking a gun to a knife fight

G’day all, just thought I’d share a quick report from Last week.

The working week was slowly coming to a close, so my brother Greg and I were counting down the seconds until it was over. With the weather forecast for the weekend not looking too flash, we decided a short, sharp Brisbane River afternoon session was in order. So with the clock hitting four and the whistle blowing, I slid down the back of my dinosaur and with a quick ‘yabba dabba doo’ we were out of there and heading for the boat ramp.

I was particularly excited about this trip as I had a new weapon to try out. A loaned out Nordic Stage Areal Gunslinger in the ultra-light model, coupled with my trusty 75mm Damiki Armour shad ammunition.

We were fishing the first couple of hours of the run-in tide with our target species being bream. I always like to have a good look around at low tide as there is a lot of exposed structure which is hidden at high tide. This information then gets committed to the memory bank for future trips.

Our first spot was the docks at the end of Thynne road at Bulimba. After losing a few jigheads to snags with little interest, we decided it was time to hit the various jetties near Byron Street.

We started by motoring up in between the jetties, then casting against the current, right in underneath them. This allowed the plastic to float back past the pylons where the bream were holding. The gunslinger was perfect for this, being a six foot model it allowed for easy accurate casting into some very tight spots.


Greg was on first when a bream hammered his Armour Shad in motor oil colour, a short tussle to get him away from the pylons and bream number one was in the net. The ever reliable Damiki angel-ex rod handled it with ease.


Next was my turn, when a Bream hammered my Armour Shad right in under some nasty looking timber posts. The gunslinger loaded up and I was able to steer the fish away from the structure confidently and comfortably. The thing that struck me about this rod is the backbone of it. It was very light and whippy up top, but had some decent muscle lower down. I’m really looking forward to testing it out on something a little bigger to see how it handles.


The afternoon continued with more bream being boated in much the same way. We did lose a few to the pylons, as it didn’t take much to slice through the 2 pound braid. On one occasion Greg hooked up and was bringing the fish in, only to find one bream hooked up and one holding onto the plastic, number two soon realized his predicament and let go boat side.


We fished until just on dusk, with the usual ‘just one more cast’ prolonging the session for about half an hour longer than intended. We didn't end up with too many larger specimens with most fish being just legal(all fish were released.) Having read some encouraging reports on AFO lately, it seems like the river is recovering nicely from the flooding and it’s definitely worth having a go at the moment.


Thanks for reading - Scopesy

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Great report Jono.

Love the Flintstones imagery. Good to see some Breambos getting on it from the docks in the river.

KAF threw in a curly with what I thought was a Lock, Stock & 2 Smoking Barrels reference that was actually referring to something else... :unsure: (Not a bad track but not something that lives in my iTunes library :lol:)

Looking forward to having a good go of those guns as well.


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